The Heart Of Shopping In Balbriggan

Millfield Shopping Centre in Balbriggan, which first opened its doors to the public in 2011, is continuing to provide a real shopping alternative for people in Balbriggan and further afield. The future is glowing, with exciting projects planned which will make Millfield one of the finest retail destinations anywhere in the country.

The centre was purchased by its new owners last September, and the good news for shoppers is that they have made a commitment to make it an even better retailing experience than ever.

Centre Manager, Peter Carey explained: “This will see new tenants coming on board to provide an even better shopping experience for our valued customers. Since last September, we have had two new shops opening, namely Kelso Curtains and Bed Linen and Funtech, a phone and computer repairs and accessories outlet. There are a number of new ventures in the pipeline, which will materialise before the end of the year,” he said.

Millfield prides itself on being a family friendly and customer focused centre, and Peter Carey emphasised this when he said: “We also provide free WiFi in the centre, which is a real bonus for customers, who can now avail of the internet, as they go about their shopping and we have also engaged with a promotions company to make the centre a more interactive place for customers,” he said.

Millfield have also become patrons of Remember Us charity this year for a three year period, along with their support for other local clubs and organisations. This emphasises their commitment to the local community. “This is very important to us and is a key part of our ethos in integrating with the community,” said Carey.

There are 25 fully occupied retail units, with a number of potential tenants in the pipeline at present. “We have seen increased footfall in the centre, with the consequent increase in growth over the past two years, which reflects on the positive growth in the economy at large.”

First time visitors to Millfield Shopping Centre will be impressed by the spaciousness and natural light that pours into the centre. This was designed to give the feeling that a wonderful retail experience awaits the discerning shopper. Here you can enjoy the excellent value in the many fine shops, many of which are market leaders, particularly in fashion, where value and choice are by-words. Up to the opening of Millfield, these High Street fashion outlets were only available in the city, or in larger towns.

Built over two levels, one gets the immediate feeling of being able to shop in comfort, whilst having some of the finest shops, selling a diversity of products at your fingertips. The smell of baking and freshly brewed coffee just adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Balbriggan is the fastest growing town in the country and, prior to the opening of Millfield Shopping Centre, there was no such facility for local shoppers to access such variety, choice and great value for money.

They had to endure the inconvenience of having to travel to Dublin or Drogheda to buy specialist goods. This, however, is a thing of the past and indeed, shoppers from outside the North County area are now coming to Millfield for these goods.

Many of the shops here have regular promotions, where further great value can be had on a wide range of products. Millfield now boasts one of the best retail choice venues anywhere in the North County, including the largest Tesco in Dublin. The variety and choice available to customers including grocery, fashion, stationery, books, cosmetics, hair and beauty, health and nutrition, pet store, butcher shop, giftware, electronics, pharmacy, opticians, discount stores, food court and much more, is exceptional. Here you can get your hair styled in one of the top class hair boutiques, or have a facial in one of the beauty outlets. After this, you can get top quality products for your pet, or buy a book, or even have your eyes tested. If that’s too demanding for you, why not de-stress with a coffee or lunch in one of the excellent dining areas in the centre, including McDonald’s, where you can bring the family and enjoy the drive-thru there.

Now locals in Balbriggan have access to retail outlets that are the envy of the North County. The fact that the centre is located within minutes of the town centre, makes it an ideal location, not only to avail of top class retail, but to meet friends and family, whilst unwinding and enjoying a coffee.

The imposing building is very well laid out and is instantly recognisable and has become a retail destination for many people in he North County and the surrounding counties of Meath and Louth. This is a place where you are likely to visit each and every shop at your leisure. You can buy practically anything here. It has quickly become a one stop shop for all of your retail requirements, such is the variety and choice of products available under the one roof.

Millfield is ideally located close to Junction 6 on the M1 Motorway, providing ease of access, it is perfectly placed to  attract shoppers using the motorway in both directions. Such is its prime location, that shoppers are now visiting Millfield, due to its ease of access. Another great advantage that Millfield has over other shopping centres, is that is has 952 free car parking spaces. This is very appealing to shoppers, and is certain to have been a factor in the success of the shopping centre. Parking here is a pleasure. Imagine not having to run out to feed a parking machine in the middle of shopping. The centre, which is open from 6am right through to midnight, has now become the new retail heart of Balbriggan.

The moment you enter Millfield, there is a real sense that you are in a shopping centre which has everything you could wish for. The imaginative management team make sure that there is always something on for families.

There is no doubt that Millfield Shopping Centre has brought a new freshness and excitement to local retailing. Its potential to attract shoppers and visitors from far and wide, must be seen as a tremendous boost to the area, while at the same time, acting as a conduit in exposing the many attractions and charms that the historic town of Balbriggan and it’s surrounds has to offer to visitors. Now more than ever, a visit here is a must.