Family friendly activities while staying at home

We know this is a very difficult time for families and Millfield Shopping Centre want to make staying at home that bit easier.  We’ve got you covered with a range helpful tips, articles, work-outs, tasty recipes and all to do at from the comfort of your home.  We’ve plenty of fun activities for the kids too and ways to keep in contact with Grandparents while we cant see them at this time.

Keep an eye on this page for updated activities to make sure you don’t go bonkers with boredom!

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Look below for some of our top tips and tricks:

Make your world more colourful with printable colouring pages from Millfield. Our free colouring pages will be updated regularly so keep an eye on this page for our latest colouring pages.  Check out our printable masks for Easter fun too! Download here

School Penpals. With kids missing their chums this is a great way for them to keep in touch and practice their writing skills at the same time. The idea is that each child in a class is paired with a classmate so that everyone gets a penpal. The kids write letters once a week and penpals can be swapped every few weeks.  Once letters are written the family can walk to the post box to post letters.

What foods can i freeze? This handy article will give you hints and tips to take full advantage of your freezer so you can make your fresh shopping last longer. PLUS learn about products you never knew were freeze-able!  Check it out here

Become an astronaut with NASA! If your kids are space enthusiasts they are going to love this. NASA has made their entire photo gallery available online.  There’s lots of audio, images and video to fuel their imagination plus it will give them lots to talk about with grandparents and family what chatting or video calling.  Just check out