Parcel Motel Arrives At Millfield

Shopping online is quickly becoming the norm for many people, but what happens if you are not at home when your parcel arrives.?

A new innovation called Parcel Motel has got you covered on this front, with a variety of locations around the country, and it has just arrived in Balbriggan.

A new Parcel Motel has been located at Millfield Shopping Centre, in the past two weeks, and already it is making life easier for locals, who avail of online shopping. With Parcel Motel from Nightline, delivery worries are now a thing of the past, and locals can now receive online shopping in a safe and secure Parcel Motel location, at Millfield Shopping Centre, which can be accessed at a time that suits you. Centre Manager, Peter Carey was delighted that Millfield was chosen to host the first Parcel Motel in Balbriggan. He told the County Leader, “We are pleased to announce the arrival of Parcel Motel to Millfield, in conjunction with Nightline. This is the first one of it’s kind in Balbriggan, and it will provide a valuable facility for the people of the locality,” he said. With over 80 locations across Ireland, Parcel Motel from Nightline is cheaper, faster, and more convenient, meaning you can’t really go wrong when shopping online.