Defibrillator Located At Millfield Shopping Centre

Many people in Balbriggan and surrounding areas, may not be aware that there is a defibrillator located at Millfield Shopping Centre. Such devices have been instrumental in saving lives in many areas of the North County.

Johnny Treacy, who is the Security Manager at Millfield, told the County Leader about the origins of the defibrillator in the shopping centre.

He said, “I work for Ailesbury services here at Millfield shopping centre in Balbriggan and I have been here since we opened back in April 2011. The majority of our security staff and Tesco staff have first aid responders on site at all times. We have a defibrillator for the shopping centre since the beginning of January 2012, and staff have undergone training to use it, if necessary.”  “The defibrillator has only been ever used once in Millfield, two years ago, and helped one customer who had a stroke in one of our shops, until the paramedics arrived. Our defibrillator is on level two in the centre and it is tested once a week to ensure it’s in working order. A lot of local people in the area might not know we have one on site. We  would like to take this opportunity to inform locals in the area and close by, that there is one available on site. We look at safety for all our staff and customers, and having a defibrillator on site and having staff trained to use it as well, is vital and can help save someone’s life,” he concluded.